Pushed Into Me.
Sheltered fears, innocent cries, inexperience of life.
Feeling the pressure of separating into halfs with a knife.
Months went by, the blinders kept me sane.
Another month, the blinders were taken away.

Feeling the worm within me, eating away at my soul
Feeling the bite of loneliness, making my heart grow cold.
Sensing a change beginning from some outside force.
Pushing its way inside me, completely without choice.

(to chorus)

It had been a month since you'd left, and more since you were gone
But only now are the feelings starting to subside.
In the past I had wished to understand what depression was,
Now I have that black void hiding deep inside.

I can feel the hole get pushed into me.
I can see the shadows reaching around.
Filtered by the emotions that I can't control.
It's pushed into me, and it's taking hold.